Transport is a crucial activity in people and companies lives. Extremely needed and urgent goods are constantly moved from one place to the other. At the moment of deciding to whom you trust your products to be moved, it is essential to have in mind the support and responsibility of your Transport Agent.



• Door-to-Door service
• Importation / Exportation Load
• Agreement with the top airlines
• Charter Service
• Multimodal Loads
• General, dangerous, oversized and cool loads
• Specific solutions for each industry
• Real time follow-up service of all your loads
• Customer service for each client
• Electronic exchange of data with clients and providers

• Insurance underwriting

• Door-to-Door service
• Importation / Exportation Load
• Service for the traffic of Argentina – Brazil – Chile – Uruguay – Paraguay
• Load and package conditioning and labeling
• Consolidation service in warehouses in Buenos Aires, Paso de los Libres and San Pablo
• Palletizing, labeling, stamping and repackaging Buenos Aires, Uruguayana and San Pablo
• Customized management reports
• Insurance underwriting
• Customer service

• Sider: Side load equipment and capacity of up to 105 m3 and 25 ton.
• Truck: Equipment with folding side rails with capacity of up to 50 to 70 m3 and 27 ton.
• Boxcar: Equipment totally closed with capacity of 105 m3 and 25 ton, designed to transport general load and also refrigerated load
• Flatbed: Special equipment to transport oversized load
• Chassis: Medium-sized trucks for small load
• Van: Small and agile vehicles for urgent or Express services


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