Consulting Service


In CIC we believe that our clients need clear solutions and concrete benefits, through risk management consulting that improve their performance and are useful to overcome the challenges in the business environment in which they develop. That is the reason why our purpose is to help our clients achieve their objectives, to move forward in critical situations and to optimize their processes at any moment.


• Accounting consulting
• Balance sheet creation and presentation
• Integral audit service
• Accounting, Tax and Estimates
• Liquidation of assets
• Liquidation of National, Provincial and/or Municipal Taxes
• Analysis and preparation of contracts

• Economic-financial reports
• Funds projected flow
• Economic budgets – projections
• Investment projects analysis
• Financial strategies design, development and restructuration

• Brands and patent registration  

• Societies constitution
• Enrollment in Controlling and supervision Organisms (AFIP, DGR, IGJ, etc.)
• Reforms, transfer of shares and change of Board, etc

• Trade analysis and import/export potentiality
• Evaluation and product costing
• Importer/ exporter habilitation
• Consulting on the needed insurance coverage for transport of goods
• Means hiring to transport local and international


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